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Natural Woodchips – $18/yard

A whole tree woodchip with varied shape and size pieces may include pine cones, pine needles, and other tree ‘debris’, for a more natural woodland look.

Premium Woodchips $29/yard

These woodchips are a bit lighter in color and more uniform in size.

Cape Cod Blend $32/yard

Our own Cape Cod Blend mulch is a natural deep brown color with a finer texture. A great local option at a reasonable price.

Hemlock Mix $51/yard

This bark mulch has a large percentage of hemlock bark in it, which gives it a nice natural reddish-brown color. It also contains some spruce and fir mulch to enhance it aroma.

Premium Pine $45/yard

Aged New England pine with a rich brown color.

Black Mulch $45/yard

A color enhanced, heavily aged pine that is deep black in color.

Screened Loam $21/yard

3/4” screened basic soil used for top dressing existing lawns, starting new lawns, and filling low spots, pH 7.

50/50 Blend $31/yard

A nice compromise for your lawns, trees, shrubs, and flower beds. A blend of the Screened Loam and Screened Leaf Compost

Screened Leaf Compost $34/yard

Made from a compost pile containing leaves, it has more nutrients than our screened loam. Best for flower and vegetable gardens, with excellent reviews from our local vegetable growers.  Also excellent for new lawn installations where soils aren’t so great, our landscape contractors swear by it for a strong start.  Can be used as a soil to plant into directly, or added to poor soil as an amendment.  It is screened through a 1/2” screen size producing an easier product for tender root growth. It tests at a pH of 6 to 7.

Cape Cod bark mulchOur best seller!

Cape Cod bark mulch

Premium Compost $52/yard

A blend of leaves and grass that is composted in a manner that produces enough heat to kill dormant weed seeds and create a compost full of rich organic matter to provide slow-release nutrients for all types of plantings including vegetable gardens – Limited supply!

Earthlife Compost $38/yard

Made from wood ash, biosolids, and sawdust. It has multiple applications such as top dressing for lawns and established flower beds, as landscape mulch, or blended with soil to make a richer top soil. Product analysis shows pH of 8.0, Total Nitrogen 1.8%, Organic N 1.7%, Total Phosphorus 1.0%, Total Potassium 1.0%, with 70% organic matter and is EPA approved at Class A, exceptional quality.

Cape Cod bark mulch

Planting Mix $39/yard

A signature blend of our Screened Leaf Compost with the Earthlife biosolid compost, well suited for topdressing and overseeding lawns, established beds, or new perennial or tree and shrub plantings.

Cape Cod bark mulch

1-1/2” Native Stone $50-61/yard

Natural taupe and tan colored crushed stone for driveways, walkways and other applications.

Cape Cod bark mulch

3/4” Native Stone $50-61/yard

Natural taupe and tan colored crushed stone for driveways, walkways and other applications.

Cape Cod bark mulch

3/8” Native Stone $50-61/yard

Natural taupe and tan colored crushed stone for driveways, walkways and other applications.

Cape Cod bark mulch

Crushed Shells $43/yard

Cleaned, crushed, processed shells for driveways, walkways, etc. True Cape Cod curb appeal and believe it or not, LESS expensive than gravel!


Process $43/yard

Bluish gray in color, from 3/4″ gravel down to fine dust. Hardener used as a base under roads, retaining walls, etc.

Cape Cod bark mulch

Stone Dust $42/yard

Bluish gray in color, finely ground. Hardener suitable for use as a base under patios, etc.

Cape Cod bark mulch


Cut, split, seasoned hardwood.  Limited quantities available in season. Call for Pricing.


Cape Cod bark mulch

Screened Sand $22/yard

Coarse native bank sand that has been run through a 3/4″ screener to remove anything larger than 3/4″. It is commonly used for beach re-nourishment, backfilling and occasionally as sandbox sand.

Cape Cod bark mulch

Play Sand $47/yard

A fine, powdery sand that has been washed and screened through a 2 millimeter screen. It is most commonly used in masonry applications but works well as sandbox sand since it is a washed sand, it would be the whitest sand we have but the texture is a bit finer than local beach sand.

Cape Cod bark mulch

ABC Hardening $30/yard

A base material made from reclaimed concrete that is crushed up and then screened to produce a course material that is a mixture of approximately 1” pieces all the way down to a fine texture to allow it to bind together to form a harder surface. It is suitable in most road/driveway base applications but is suggested to be used most effectively when the area where it will be applied is dry (as is the case with most hardener/road base materials – they just don’t harden as well if they are set into a wet area that stays wet from underneath).

Cape Cod bark mulch

Playground Woodchips $51/yard

A true safety surfacing material for playgrounds, fully IPEMA certified engineered wood fiber meets or exceeds safety standards as well as the ASTM standards for wheelchair accessibility per the ADA Law. Lighter in color – 100% natural, renewable, green and safe. It can also be used as a mulch/ground cover material for those that prefer a lighter color mulch.

Cape Cod bark mulch

3/4″ White Stone $110/yard

Bright white 3/4″ angular stone with slightly gray undertones. A beautiful stone with Cape Cod curb appeal that rivals the look of Crushed Shell.

Cape Cod bark mulch

Blue Stone $45/yard

Bluish gray crushed stone, 1/2″ or 3/4” sizes available for driveways, walkways and other applications.

Cape Cod bark mulch

Bank Sand/Fill $16/yard
Unscreened sand that comes directly out of the embankments of our property. It is coarse sand suitable for drainage as in septic systems or backfilling foundations. Since it is not screened it may have some rocks or other naturally occurring ‘debris’.

Cape Cod bark mulch

T-Base $42/yard
Made from reclaimed asphalt that has been ground up and then screened through a 1″ screen. It is most popular for filling potholes, ruts and other depressions in roads and driveways as it compacts the best. It is also commonly used as a base for new driveways and roadways including public roads, but is not acceptable for wetland and conservation areas.

Cape Cod bark mulch

Shell 3/4″ Native Stone Mix $55/yard
Crushed Shell blended in equal parts with 3/4″ Native stone.
(only available when shell is available)

Cape Cod bark mulch

Shell 3/4″ Blue Stone Mix $55/yard
Crushed Shell blended in equal parts with 3/4″ Blue stone.
(only available when shell is available)