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Cape Cod Blend $32/yd – Primarily pine blend, made in house.

Pine Mulch $45/yd – Blend of pine and fir.

Black Mulch $45/yd  – Very dense and heavy aged pine.

Hemlock Mix $51/yd – Hemlock bark.

Garden Soils/Loam

Screened Loam $21/yd  – 3/4 Screened pH 7

50/50 Blend $31/yd  – Blend of leaf compost and screened loam

Leaf Compost $34/yd  – Rich leaf compost screened with 1/2″ minus

Earthlife Compost $38/yd  – Made of wood ash, biosolids and sawdust. pH of 7.5

Planting Mix $39/yd – Mixture of leaf compost and earthlife compost


Blue Stone $45/yd – Bluish gray stone. Sizes are 1/2″ and 3/4″

3/8″ Native Stone $52/yd – Darker taupe and tan colored

3/4″ Native Stone $61/yd – Lighter grayish tan

1.5″ Stone – Color varies

White Stone $110/yd – 3/4″ white limestone/dolomite

Crushed Shells $41/yd – Cleaned, crushed and processed

Shell/Stone Mix $53/yd – Mixed to order, shell and 3/4″ stone, either blue or native

3/4″ Dense Grade/Process $43/yd –  3/4″ Blue and Dust mix

Stone Dust $42/yd  – Bluish gray, finely ground

Tbase (reclaimed asphalt) $42/yd – Natural Hardening and ground millings mix, tan in color


Recycled Fill/Bank Sand $16/yd – Unscreened

Screened Sand $22/yd – 3/8″ Screened sand

Mason/Play Sand $47/yd – Fine washed and fine screened lighter in color.


Natural Woodchips $18/yd – Chipped brush, logs and stumps.

Premium Woodchips $29/yd – Ground logs only making a uniform clean product.

Firewood (Call for pricing) – Cut, split and seasoned.

Please Note: Other sand, fill, hardeners, and gravel products available.
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